PowerMic Buttons for Fluency

PowerMic Buttons for Fluency is an AutoHotkey script which persists as a tray icon, intercepts the “Dictate”, “Next Field”, and “Previous Field” buttons on a PowerMic dictation microphone, and sends simulated key presses to Fluency for Imaging Reporting. If Fluency is running within a VMWare window (my particular use case), then a second script “PowerMic Relay for Fluency” must be run within the VMWare session, which relays the appropriate key presses within the VMWare session.

Unzip the PBF.zip file, then extract it and run the executable “PowerMic_Buttons_for_Fluency.exe” on the system that has the PowerMic. If applicable, run the executable “PowerMic_Relay_for_Fluency.exe” in the VMWare window.

Fluency should be configured to “Use tab and shift+tab to navigate fields”, as shown here:


Make sure you have selected the PowerMic device:


If you are using Fluency in a VMWare session, you should recalibrate the microphone with the Microphone Wizard for best results.

Right click the microphone tray to see configuration options:


Source code is available at GitHub. The script can be used as a template for mapping PowerMic buttons to arbitrary system actions. It uses the AHKID library; if running or compiling from source, download AHKHID.ahk and put it in the same folder as the main script.